Symple Field Force Management Application
Symple Field Force Management Application
Symple Apps Sdn Bhd
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What is Symple Field Force Management

Symple Field Force Management is a cloud-based and mobile application solution that help you automate better and have a better visibility of your workforce on the field. All data is stored and accessible on a secure cloud server and reduce the risk of losing important data or not being able to retrieve something important.

Symple Field Force helps in saving and processing data and helps employees to capture important information into system while they are on the job using mobile application, and information can be sent to HQ in a standardized and streamlined manner, which helps in regulating your business and more organized business process.

Why Use Symple Field Force Management

Symple Field Force Management helps you to stay in control all the time. By automate what can be automated and leave only the most human-human interaction, this will help you to keep a record of all interaction and important data within a system, without you having to manually go through the sales order, customer complaint / feedback report, manual jobsheets that being fill up by your employee during on job and such details. At the other end, Symple Field Force help to automate several aspects of your employees’ work without doing manual report, and leading to increase in productivity and motivation.

By Streamlining the operation procedures, you will also ensure that management are well informed and visibility is enhanced. This helps you to make better decisions and help you to serve your customers better.

Symple Field Force Management mobile application is also supporting offline operation, which significantly reduce the issues internet connectivity during field staff performing their jobs on the field. Field staff can still perform their job and data can be captured even there is not internet connection.

Symple Field Force Management also helps you guide your field staff to be more productive and efficient by optimizing their activity plans, route, meetings of the day / weeks. By preplan ahead the activities, management have better visibility on what is the workforce like and have better planning on resources.

Managing a huge field force is not a piece of cake. One aspect is to keep a close eye on what they are doing, another one is to guide field staffs to be more efficient. By implementing Symple Field Force Management, field staff and management can be in-synced with more efficiency and productivity.

The Symple Apps Sdn. Bhd. was founded back in year 2012.

Previously a CRM software company 2004-2012. Clientele includes major retailer, F&B chain and other major brands in Malaysia.


Started on Mobile Apps and Social Commerce Platform.

The future is mobile and we are already there. Symple Apps provide Mobility Solutions to brands that want to empower people to discover new products offers and promotions, letting them make recommendation to their friends and families, and gain a far deeper understanding of their customers with powerful CRM capabilities.

Socially-enlightened brands work with Symple Apps because they not only recognize this new world order, but are ready to embrace it and begin reshaping their business around people.

Symple Apps provides a proven path to social monetization for marketing and ecommerce executives that have not been satisfied with their ability to translate fans and followers into measurable sales lift. Brands leverage our technology and expertise under a framework we call Acquire, Retain and Grow.