Digitisation in the cloud

MyBizApp is your one stop marketplace for eServices, whether you're a Small and Medium Enterprise looking for solutions in the cloud, or a software vendor looking to reach a wide audience for your product.
Let us help transform your business today!

Are you an SME Owner?

Elevate your business operations to the cloud for productivity and cost savings!

  • Increase productivity Equip your workforce with reliable tools to manage, analyse and improve the efficiency of your business processes. Let them work from anywhere.
  • Reduce operating costs Eliminate expensive software costs by leveraging the cloud. Apply workflows and automation to reduce operating costs.
  • Improve customer experience Give your customers a better experience through timely responses and more relevant communication.
  • Grow your brand Find or customise new tools to innovate your business and extend your reach to your audience and potential customers.

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Are you an Technology Provider?

Get your technology and eServices into the businesses who need them most as an independent software vendor!

  • Wide audience Sell on a growing marketplace with the support of SME institutions and the government.
  • Local compliance Put your service in a unique position of compliance with various local regulations such as data residency and sovereignty.
  • International reach Leverage the cloud to reach regional and international businesses.
  • Grow on a reliable platform Build your solutions on Alpha Edge, a platform powered by Huawei. Get access to funding and advisory programmes.

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