SME Tech/ Software Vendor

Get your technology and eServices into the businesses who need them most as an independent software vendor!

Why build with us?

  • Marketing Your solution will be marketed on MyBizApp - a marketplace which was built from the ground up by a public-private partnership between the government of Malaysia and SME institutions in the country.
  • Local and Global Ecosystem Our partnership with RapidCloud places your cloud offerings within Malaysia, allowing you to reach businesses needing to comply with regulatory requirements such as data residency and sovereignty. Building on the HUAWEI CLOUD Partner Network ensures that your eServices are ready to access our global ecosystem as well.
  • Growth Opportunities Join technical training, advisory and capacity building programmes organised by MyBizApp and Huawei.
  • Technical Support Build on a platform with professional technical support ready to assist and support your company as you build solutions.

How do I get started?

  • Step 1Register with MyBizApp as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) here. Our consultant will contact you with more detailed information!
  • Step 2Register a HUAWEI CLOUD account here.
  • Step 3Build an eService on the Alpha Edge platform.
  • Step 4List your product on the MyBizApp marketplace.
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