Cyplex HSVPN 5 Days Pass
Cyplex HSVPN 5 Days Pass
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Cyplex HSVPN 5 Days Pass


Cyplex HSVPN High-speed VPN provides a secure and reliable connection over an encrypted channel between your device and the end site using virtual private network (VPN) technology. High-speed VPN hides your real IP address to make your device anonymous. Thanks to this, your online activity will no longer be monitored, and you will be able to access limited websites even behind firewalls.


Ø  Access to any website in any country. By passing restrictions and gaining access to any blocked sites, wherever you are. Access to sites that are blocked or censored by the government, school or workplace. Bypass firewalls, which allows you to unlock Facebook, watch YouTube and circumvent the limitations of VOIP. High-speed VPN will unlock all these sites using VPN.


Ø  Protect data from hackers. When connecting to a public Wi-Fi access point, your name, password and personal information can be easily stolen. High-speed VPN encrypts your data and provides security for the bank level for better protection.


Ø  High-speed VPN is a one-touch VPN. High-speed VPN contains only one button. Clicking this button allows you to connect to multiple anonymous servers at a faster rate than using a Web proxy. When you do not use our application, we help to save battery life of your device. And we provide a speedy, completely free unlimited VPN service!


Ø  ​​​​​​​Anonymous (confidential) browsing of websites. Prevent unwanted attention from your ISP and Websites to show you targeted advertising. High-speed VPN changes your IP address, so your personal data on the network is anonymous (hidden), and your Internet activity is hidden from prying eyes and organizations.

·       Brand : Cyplex HSVPN

·       Model : 5 Days Pass

·       Product : International Product

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