[PROMOTION] Windows Cloud Server
[PROMOTION] Windows Cloud Server
RapidCloud (M) Sdn Bhd
RM 5,680.00/Yearly

One-Time Setup Fee : RM 1,000.00

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Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) is a cloud server that provides scalable, on-demand computing resources for secure, flexible, and efficient applications.

Package* : Starter


Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) provides secure, scalable, on-demand computing resources, enabling you to flexibly deploy applications and workloads.

ECS application scenarios and types are provided to help you quickly select your desired type to match services. This facilitates rapid service migration to HUAWEI CLOUD

An Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) is a basic computing unit that consists of vCPUs, memory, OS, and Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks. After an ECS is created, you can use it on the cloud similarly to how you would use your local PC or physical server.

ECSs support self-service creation, modification, and operation. You can create an ECS by specifying its vCPUs, memory, OS, and login mode. After an ECS is created, you can modify its specifications if necessary. ECS works with other services to provide a reliable, secure, efficient computing environment.

System Architecture ECS works with other products and services to provide computing, storage, and network resources. You can quickly migrate and replicate existing ECSs using images.

  • ECSs can be deployed in multiple availability zones (AZs) connected with each other through an internal network. If one AZ becomes faulty, other AZs in the same region will not be affected.
  • With the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) service, you can build your own dedicated network on the cloud. You can also set subnets and security groups within your VPC for further isolation. You can allow your VPC to communicate with the external network through an EIP (bandwidth support required). With the Image Management Service (IMS), you can use an image to create ECSs. Alternatively, you can use an existing ECS to create a private image and use the private image to create the same ECSs for rapid service deployment.
  • Elastic Volume Service (EVS) provides storage space and Volume Backup Service (VBS) provides data backup and restoration functions.
  • Cloud Eye lets you keep a close eye on the performance and resource utilization of ECSs, ensuring ECS reliability and availability.
  • Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) backs up data for EVS disks and ECSs, and uses snapshots and backups to restore the EVS disks and ECSs.

Figure 1 System architecture

RM  5,680/ Year
40 GB Storage
4 GB Memory
2 vCPU
1 Mbps Bandwidth
SSL Certificate
Windows Operating System
RM 7,280/ Year
80 GB Storage
8 GB Memory
2 vCPU
2 Mbps Bandwidth
SSL Certificate
Windows Operating System
RM 14,180/ Year
100 GB Storage
8 GB Memory
4 vCPU
5 Mbps Bandwidth
SSL Certificate
Windows Operating System

RapidCloud Malaysia is Southeast Asia’s leading premier enterprise cloud computing solutions provider. Since 1999, we have been focussing on providing high quality and affordable services for our clients. We provide innovative solutions to over 46,000 clients ranging from small and medium enterprises (SME) to large scale enterprises (LSE) and government institutions.

Our Vision is to provide web and mobile building blocks to our customers, empowering them to have a competitive edge and grow their business. At RapidCloud, we provide the full spectrum of cloud computing solution – SalesMAP (Sales Management, Automation & Productivity), Document Management, Enterprise Content Management, Big Data Search Engine, API Gateway Middleware & Connectors, e-Commerce & Portals, Digital Marketing, IoT and many more innovative products. Our solutions are internally developed which allows us to provide highly customizable systems.

This also ensures us that we can respond in a timely manner to request for changes by customers. Our modular design provides us the flexibility to only deploy modules with features and functions that is rightly suited to the requirements of our clients.

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