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RM 6,980.00/Yearly

One-Time Setup Fee : RM 1,000.00

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HUAWEI CLOUD RDS provides a comprehensive performance monitoring system, multi-level security protection measures, and a professional database

Package* : 2vCPUs4GB


RDS is a reliable and scalable cloud database service that is easy to manage. RDS supports the following DB engines:

  •  MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server

RDS includes a comprehensive performance monitoring system, multi-level security measures, and a professional database management platform, allowing you to easily set up and scale up a relational database. On the RDS console, you can perform almost all necessary tasks and no programming is required. The console simplifies operations and reduces routine O&M workloads, so you can stay focused on application and service development. MySQL PostgreSQL Microsoft SQL Server.

MySQL is one of the world's most popular open-source relational databases. It works with the Linux, Apache, and Perl/PHP/Python to establish a LAMP model for efficient web solutions. RDS for MySQL is reliable, secure, scalable, inexpensive, and easy to manage.

  • It supports various web applications and is cost-effective, preferred by small- and medium-sized enterprises.
  • A web-based console provides comprehensive visualized monitoring for easier operations.
  • You can flexibly scale resources based on your service requirements and pay for only what you use.

2vCPUs | 4GB
RM 6,980/ Year
40 GB Storage
4 GB Memory
2 vCPU
5 Mbps Bandwidth
2vCPUs | 8GB
RM 9,000/ Year
80 GB Storage
8 GB Memory
2 vCPU
5 Mbps Bandwidth

RapidCloud Malaysia is Southeast Asia’s leading premier enterprise cloud computing solutions provider. Since 1999, we have been focussing on providing high quality and affordable services for our clients. We provide innovative solutions to over 46,000 clients ranging from small and medium enterprises (SME) to large scale enterprises (LSE) and government institutions.

Our Vision is to provide web and mobile building blocks to our customers, empowering them to have a competitive edge and grow their business. At RapidCloud, we provide the full spectrum of cloud computing solution – SalesMAP (Sales Management, Automation & Productivity), Document Management, Enterprise Content Management, Big Data Search Engine, API Gateway Middleware & Connectors, e-Commerce & Portals, Digital Marketing, IoT and many more innovative products. Our solutions are internally developed which allows us to provide highly customizable systems.

This also ensures us that we can respond in a timely manner to request for changes by customers. Our modular design provides us the flexibility to only deploy modules with features and functions that is rightly suited to the requirements of our clients.